When designing sustainable clothing it’s a fundamental choice to design long lasting products, both in terms of style and quality. That’s why there is nothing called boyish or girlish in our creativity, and why our goal is to create essential, creative and unisex clothing. WAWA is committed to using modern and more sustainable production processes, that recognize both the impact and it’s responsibility to the environment, employees and the customer.



We know that our choice of materials has a significant social and environmental impact. In WAWA we choose sustainable materials that enable us to prolong the lifetime of our products and to support future recycling. With “sustainable materials” we mean non-conventional materials that have a lower impact on nature and human health than conventional materials.  More than 95% of our production is made of organic cotton, dyed and printed without using any health- or environmentally harmful chemicals.



We work solely with suppliers that supply GOTS-certified fabric, dyeing and printing processes. This certification standard demands rigid environmental criteria on the entire manufacturing process of products from the raw material to the final fabric.


GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard

GOTS is recognized as the world’s leading processing standard for organic textiles and fibres, and includes strict regulations about chemical use, recycling and waste management on everything from farming, harvesting, production, processing, manufacturing to packaging. It guarantees 70-95% organic fibres inside the product, coming from organic cotton, organic wool, organic linen and others. The standard also requires compliance with social criterias regarding working environment, salary, working time and child labour, and is backed by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.


WAWA’s ambition is to create sustainable products with as low environmental  impact as possible, therefore GOTS certified suppliers is the obvious choice. We hope that our choices of fabric and design result in long lasting products that can be worn again and again.