SS21 No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home

Home can be so many things…
It can be the house where you have your family.
It can it be a town.
It can be a whole country and culture.
It can be on both sides of the world.
It can be with one person.
It can be with yourself, alone and free.

For us, No Place Like Home is where you feel happy, relaxed and safe. 

It’s a place where you can be totally yourself. Hang out in quietness. Or just have a totally crazy chattered time. 
It’s a place that rooms your silly and cool routines that makes you feel good. Habits that other knows you for, value and smile too.
It’s with people that see you, want your company, and let you know when you’re missed. Relations with room for challenges and inspiration that make you grow as a person.

Simple foundation and still so complex. No Place Like Home, is a feeling we wish for everyone.

In this collection we’ve illustrated this feeling in a superficial and unpolished way. It’s our love for basics. The simplest things can be what we treasure the most and in the long run. Our love for playful surroundings and favorite toast prints. 

Photographer: Cecilie Bach