SS20 Eye Sea

Eye Sea

It’s an early morning by the Mediterranean Sea. The water is blue, with tiny sun-dappled ripples as far as the eye can see – a huge blanket covering an even greater underwater world.

Today my kids will bring residents of the seabed alive when they play in the sand and build their castles with knights of stones fighting the seagrass monsters around the moat. They will pave their roads with seashells, and build strong fences of driftwood to protect their society from crab attacks. 

Maybe they are not aware of how privileged they are as they sit there in the sand. But every day it becomes ever more important, ever more urgent, that we take responsibility and protect our surroundings – this includes our beautiful oceans.

Image Shoot
Photographer: Cecilie Bach

Lookbook Shoot
Photographer: Amanda Hestehave


All prints are handmade
by Johanna Topooco

The prints are inspired by the Mediterranean, with the Provence-inspired seagrass pattern, the blue tile-like rhombuses and the stone-nut-fruit styles painting a tableau of findings on a walk in the grove.