SS19 Insight Safari

Insight Safari

The red soil is everywhere. It flows into the sunset. Sometimes it’s lush, sometimes totally drained, but either way it’s magnificent. We are in Africa. It’s you and me in a bumping dala dala heading towards the Victoria Falls, knowing we are about to experience one of the world’s most impressive natural phenomena.

As we approach the little Zimbabwean town at the western end of the falls our dusted bodies turn into moist window silhouettes as the sunlight hits the car. In a little shop downtown I find some of my favorite designs, the Jambo styles, and even though I’m far from pregnant these batik styles are must haves. With children’s wear in my backpack we enter the heavy drops and countless rainbows of Victoria Falls.

High on natural extremes and happy as a child, we take a dala dala to Livingstone and buy a pizza.

After a good night’s sleep we wake up like in a street swarm of colorful dressed women piling the fruit and vegetables on every street corner. We find some grilled corn cobs for breakfast before taking a truck back to Botswana for another water sensation – the Okavango Delta.

Like me, you belong to another continent, another type of country, climate and culture, yet our heart beats so hard for these surroundings, making us yearn to go back again. Not only to the tourist attractions – most often it’s just about taking the local bus while soaking in the rhythm.

Wawa’s new collection Insight Safari is red soil, corn and batik – African pop! As always it’s sustainable made of more than 95% GOTS certified organic cotton and both dyed and printed without the use of harmful chemicals. It’s dominated by my favorite color as a child, purple, and our all-time favorite color, brown.

Image Shoot
Photographer: Cecilie Bach

Lookbook Shoot
Photographer: Cornelia Gramkow