SS18 Out & About

Out & About

You see them everywhere.
The bikes.  

I noticed when I moved from Sweden to Denmark. In the morning people of Copenhagen ride them to work, and in the afternoon, they ride them back home again. On weekends, the bikes take us out to the sea or into the forest. During the summer holidays, they take us camping or just around the corner. I love taking my family on little bike trips around the city or to new, unexplored places.

We might take a turn away from the well-known roads and into the wilderness, only to discover a path that leads us to a lake or the sea. Maybe we stop at a pier and watch the little fishes in the water below us, or we lie down on the grass and close our eyes for a little while, before enjoying a cold drink in the shade.

When Amanda, former photographer and partner in WAWA, returned to Denmark after a stay abroad, she realized that taking a bike everywhere is the ultimate kind of freedom. Therefore, this spring and summer WAWA is Out & About. We want to ride the bike through the colorful landscape. Through early days of life when fresh peas, dandelions and a white stripe from an airplane on a clear blue sky was everything you needed.

Image Shoot
Photographer: Camilla Stephan

Lookbook Shoot
Photographer: Amanda Hestehave