Garment Care

Handling our garments in a certain way, will prolong the lifecycle and thereby extend the use and joy of your favourite WAWA pieces. With that in mind, we recommend caring for your garments in the following ways.

– Always read the care label
– Only washing the garments when necessary 
– Turn the garments inside out before washing
– Using environmentally friendly detergent
– Avoid tumble drying, the garments will last longer if you dry them on a line
– Repair or mending whenever possible
– Re-selling or giving away garments you no longer use
– Recycle worn-out garments

Wool & wool mixed garments:
Wool fibres have a natural ability to clean themselves. This also ensures that they expel odours through moisture control, which means you don’t have to wash your wool garments as often. Many natural fibres will pill over time, but this is a normal process, and there are easy and gentle ways to remove the pilling and keep your garments looking fresh. Use a sweater shaver to get rid of the pilling, as well as a wool brush, to maintain the smooth surface.