AW20 West Coast Vibes

West Coast Vibes

California dreaming, welcome to Hollywood...
Everybody that comes to Hollywood has a dream – what’s yours?
I like to live both in the now and for the long run.

The great artist David Hockney is an inspiration for how to capture moments and details in a naïve and clean pop style. His attitude towards space and time, use of bright colors, and way of breaking the rules has inspired this autumn collection and infused it with a playful lightness.

Hockney once said, “Time is elastic and I play with that idea.” These words meant a lot to us during the making of the West Coast Vibes collection, as there’s nothing more liberating than grasping and embracing the oddity of time. Time is all we have. Each and every day, we need to divide our time – between the ones we love, our work, and the everyday things that must be done. So the question remains: what should we do if we are not able to stay in some of these moments?

I would say the answer is dream.

Photographer: Cecilie Bach

All prints are handmade
by Johanna Topooco

Dreams allow us to deconstruct linear perspectives and make space for new points of view. Having a dream and taking action has always belonged to the youth. We hope, as with every WAWA collection, that West Coast Vibes will be a part of the sustainably-curated wardrobe, where each style has a value. New for this season is the recycled fleece. With a goal of always improving and reducing our environmental footprint, we hope you will enjoy this addition.