AW19 Big Brother Stockholm

Big Brother Stockholm

He is my big brother. Fourteen years older - same father, different mother. Always kind, silent, and super inspiring. I can’t think of anyone more composed yet still aware of the latest trends: the type who picks up on them before everyone else. This is Jonas, my big brother in Stockholm. The big brother I look at and soak up every detail; the big brother who has been an inspiration for this WAWA collection.

He lives with Mathilda and their two kids. Mathilda is a natural beauty and a family woman: an architect who made a space for love under the roof at Villa Erskine, a protected building from 1963 drawn by her granddad. Much like his wardrobe, his work, and his office, authentic, refined lines are woven throughout his everyday life as well. — That’s my brother: my role model, a style icon. I’m a little sister fan!

Big Brother Stockholm is a tribute to my brother Jonas and his sense for delicate details and color blocking.

Image Shoot
Photographer: Elisabeth Toll

Lookbook Shoot
Photographer: Cornelia Gramkow

Collab with Sein Koo

Another inspiration for this collection comes from a completely different part of the world, and instead of a lifelong history, this came from a brand-new acquaintance. By coincidence, I discovered some wonderfully playful drawings on Instagram five months ago. They were done by the South Korean illustrator Sein Koo. She enjoys drawing everyday objects - food, fruits, bottles, cans, pencils etc. - in her unique style, which is at once natural and naïve. I instantly became a fan, and my many ‘likes’ on Sein Koo’s Instagram resulted in a handmade Sein Koo and WAWA collaboration print called Possibility.

Sein Koo told me that the pencils in the print symbolize that you can draw anything you can imagine.

Sein Koo's univers